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Filter of Kalandra


Filter of Kalandra


This is next level path of exile filter editor.


We felt that there are some problems in the current Path of Exile Item Filter. These problems are primarily one for filter creators.

First, it is difficult to maintain a huge filter. There is also an excellent GUI tool like Filtration, but it is not a fundamental solution.

Next, "Item Filter" is too simple. There isn't function like CSS cascade, filter creators often have difficulty by it.

Thirdly, it is cumbersome to prepare multiple editions. Normally, it is usual to prepare multiple editions (ex `regular`, `strict`) for one filter. However, preparing multiple editions is a troublesome work for filter creators.

We wanted to solve these problems using functions such as `MIXIN` and` Property`.

Currently, "Filter of Kalandra" mainly assumes that filter creators are basic users. But eventually people who use filters also want to be able to easily adjust/customize existing filters to their preferences using this tool. (If you are a filter user and you want to customize it NOW, you can use FilterBlade.)

We hope you will be pleased using this tool.


  • Change Domain

    Should get cool Domain.

  • Usage Page

    Need usage page, and detailed documentation on usage.

  • Improve Editor

    The editor is created by monaco-editor. This have many exciting features. These features can make the editor better.

  • Improve Preview

    Current preview is so cheap. Should make rich it.

  • Split View

    It is a pain to go back and forth on multiple pages. You would want to see multiple pages at the same time. Should remove the pain.

  • Contact Form

    Should set form that contact us. You will can use if you have new ideas and questions.

  • Improve Performance

    Always try to improve performance.

  • Import from GitHub URL

    Make to import own or others filter from GitHub URL.

  • Sign in with PoE OAuth

    Make to sign in with PoE OAuth (like FilterBlade). But not found official document about this.